Copyrights Lumichip Ltd. Patents and patent pending on several product technologies.

AURORICS™ series is based on Lumichip’s proprietary technology to provide efficient grow light conditions in green houses and grow rooms. Options for package, power and spectrum enable flexible luminaire designs for optimum crop results.


Purification LEDs are based on Lumichip’s patent pending technology to provide comfortable white light with outstanding disinfection properties. Integrated high efficiency semiconductor emitters at 405 nm produce preeminent bactericidal and fungicidal effects on illuminated surfaces. Custom spectrum solutions are available for photobiomodulation and photopharmacology.



Lumichip™ lamps and luminaires covers a complete solution of LED components, secondary optics and heat management systems. Lumichip offers a range of predesigned light engines from small size spot and bulb applications to demanding performance optimized heat pipe systems.

Alternatively our design and manufacturing capabilities can be adjusted to custom resolve any lighting application challenge realized by our customers. Our products can be easily modified for different power requirements and final luminaire sizes due to modular design. These solutions can meet requirements of the most demanding applications in terms of optical performance and reliability.



Lumichip™ UV products are suitable for high power industrial applications requiring large active areas and emission at ultra-violet (UV) wavelengths.

Lumichip™ can build complete custom UV light sources for customer specific applications and can also customize modules for final application.