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Lumichip is a leading provider of customized LED based photobiomodulation products. The product lines consist of specialized LED/COB component and light sources, often custom designed and tailor made to meet demanding requirements of lighting solutions in agritech, white light disinfection and photobiomodulation applications. 

Lumichip offers unique industry and medical grade LED products with high efficiency and excellent reliability. All our LED components and lamps, such as LED tubes are based on Lumichip’s proprietary wide spectrum technology. Lumichip’s LED products can be tailored to meet special application requirements in power, spectrum, and package type. Lumichip provides custom designed and manufactured LED components and lamps for preferred customers in any designs and quantities. Lumichip LED products effectively replace traditional lighting sources such as incandescent, fluorescent, halogen and HPS lamps. Proprietary spectrum creation capabilities are best suited for professional grow-light manufacturers and users, medical institutions and hospital equipment manufacturers as well as designers and developers in specific lighting industries.

Grow and Photosynthesis Lights

Lumichip offers for agricultural applications high efficiency LEDs and grow lights. All these products have been extensively tested with multiple plants and application scenarios. Lumichip’s state-of-the-art grow-lights are economical choice when considering reliability (hrs @L85), efficiency (μmol/W) and crop yield (g/kW), appropriate for small and large farming. Lumichip’s growth-spectrum products are based on our patented phosphor conversion technology applying multiple semiconductor emitters in a single package.

Our LEDs provide optimum overlap with the absorption of chlorophyll molecules to reach proven preeminent growth efficiency and crop yield. Our All-in-One LED package technology provides the full required illumination spectrum and enables lighter, highly reliable economical grow lights. Pesticidal effects based on short wavelength blue and UV radiation can be further integrated even in a single package. 

Fungicidal Grow Lights

Until recently there is very little information on the fungistatic or fungicidal effect of visible light. This is the case for example with Grey mould (Botrytis cinerea), which is a very successful necrotroph, causing serious commercial losses in more than 200 crop hosts.  Recent studies have investigated the effect of 405nm light on this economically important fungus Botrytis cinerea. It has been proved that the mycelial growth of B. cinerea can be inhibited to the greatest extent by light at 405nm. This is also one dominating wavelength used in Lumichip’s fungicidal LEDs. It has been further proved that gray mould growth is negligibly inactivated with 450nm the dominating wavelength in typical LED growth lights. Advanced scientific research now suggests that the presence of photoactive compound that absorbs light mainly at wavelengths of 405nm deactivates the growth of grey mould.. These results suggest that the excitation of photon absorbing chemical components and subsequent accumulation of singlet oxygen explain the 405nm light-mediated photoinactivation of B. cinerea. For example in the case of tomato the development of symptoms in the plants inoculated with B. cinerea spores was significantly reduced or eliminated by irradiation with LED lights also comprising 405nm wavelength light. Hence it has been proved that LED lights used in crop and horticulture also comprising 405nm light has a significant impact in use for controlling plant diseases caused by B. cinerea and resulting in significant yield increase in commercial greenhouse and crop food factories.

White Light Disinfection

Lumichip’s purification LED products are based on our proprietary patent pending technology enabling high CRI white light luminaires. With our LEDs the continuous disinfection effects can be generated with general lighting and even standard luminaires. The bactericidal effects are based on high-power narrow-band semiconductor emitters at 405nm. Within our LEDs the deep blue disinfection spectrum is embedded within the white light LEDs and there is no need for diffusion panels. Our white light LEDs appear safe and comfortable to human eye with high CRI with typical color temperature ranging from 3000 to 4000K.


Lumichip’s proprietary LEDs enable unique product designs for photobiomodulation and  photopharmacology. Lumichip’s LEDs are safe and cost effective choice for low light level therapy (LLLT) and large area skin treatment applications. Customized spectrums with wavelengths ranging from UVA and deep blue to near infrared LEDs can be accomplished with a mix of emitters integrated in a single package. LED geometry and functional capabilities can be tailored to meet specific medical application requirements. Our patented wide spectrum technology is a key to generate highly uniform fields on the target surface. Custom package (e.g. COBs) and flexible substrate solutions are available.

Industrial UV LEDs

Lumichip’s UV LED and COBs are offered for wavelength range of 365 to 405nm. High power UV COBs products are suited particularly well for adhesive, and paint curing industrial applications and curing sources. The UV LEDs in industry standard SMT packages are suited particularly well for integrating in agricultural applications.